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During 2020, Rachel Gadsden (UK), composer Freddie Meyers (UK), violinist Emily Earl (UK), performance artist Yeung Siu-Fong (Hong Kong) and visual artist Jeremy Hawkes (Australia) have been working together to reflect upon the physical and psychological issues of displacement, virus pandemics, immunology and hope.


Bringing together both disabled and mainstream creatives, the collective have been artistically considering the narrative of Deluge in terms of a contemporary migration. The artists and musicians have been narratively considering how the Covid-19 pandemic has fractured and shifted all of our lives on one level or another. We may not have literally all have migrated, but through the ravishes of the pandemic, we have all felt displaced to some degree or another, as we learn to exist, and live our lives differently, in our new found Covid World.

The artists present a 12-minute multimedia film Deluge as a work-in-progress, using drawing, painting, animation, and live art/sound performance in an artistic response to the current crisis.

With grateful thanks to Disability Arts Online and Arts with the Disabled Association, Hong Kong, who are generously supporting the creation of the Deluge Digital Performance.

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