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The light writer, KRYT created by artist Gijs van Bon, will be writing poems created by school children from Southampton, onto a projection wall.  With the passage of time, the written text fades away, giving space for continuous poetic text accompanied by sound.  Audiences are taken into a story, as very slowly light, sound and text merge allowing you to enter the writers head.  KRYT mixes technology, the beauty of poetry and sound into an exciting performance. 

KRYT Engagement Programme

To support KRYT, Audacious have worked with ArtfulScribe to commission Susmita Bhattacharya to create a digital resource package to be made available to schools to support KS2 teachers delivering poetry sessions, teaching students how to write poetry about the Mayflower 400 exploring themes of:

Identity of Southampton.

Relationships with the sea. 
Journeys & migrations.
To celebrate people of the world.

Southampton as a gateway to the world. 

Selected poems will be presented, as a schools project, by KRYT an art installation using laser technology by Gijs van Bon.

For more information about this project visit If you are a school and are interested in taking part in this project then please do get in touch with Audacious at: 

Kennings are a Norse form of compact noun that can result in memorable imagery to contain in a poem. Access the video workshop and read some Kennings created by young people in Southampton.

List Poems are poems which are created based on a list of items. In Susmita’s workshop we start off with a list of supplies that would have been taken on the Mayflower’s journey. Access the video workshop and read some list poems created by young people in Southampton.

A Tanka is a Japanese form of syllabic verse consisting of 5 lines of poetry. Access the video workshop and read some Tanka created by young people in Southampton.

Film Poetry Competition 

Audacious have opened a Film Poetry Competition to celebrate Southampton, a city and a community, built on journeys and migration.  Focussing on the themes of identity, journeys and migrations and relationships with the sea, we are looking for film poetry submissions of up to a maximum of three minutes that reflect the themes of the Mayflower 400. 

To help you participate we have created a digital resource package which you can find on our website

Prizes: a selection of at least 10 short-listed films will be shown on Audacious & Mayflower 400 digital gallery website from 2nd November 2020 and on The Human Worlds Festival.   The Top 3 films will be announced on 14th December. The winning film will receive £50 cinema vouchers for Showcase Cinema de Lux Southampton, second and third place will each receive £25 cinema vouchers for the Showcase Cinema de Lux Southampton all to be shared between poet and film-maker in the case of collaborations.

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