Mayflower 400 Southampton

Voyaging Through History: The Mayflower and Britain

Mayflower memories in Southampton

Southampton is one of several ports in Britain that claims a connection with the voyage of the Pilgrims. In this podcast, Tom Hulme explores why the Mayflower began to be remembered in Southampton in the 19th century, and how local people engaged with the story – in memorials, theatre, and commemorations – up until the present day.

This video was created to launch Hampshire Papers, Series 2, No 8: Memories of the Mayflower in Southampton, by Tom Hulme. Paper copies of the publication can be requested here.

Voyaging Through History: Britain and The Mayflower is a research project led by Dr Tom Hulme. The group are exploring every aspect of how this famous voyage, and the ‘Pilgrims’ it transported, has impacted British culture over the last four hundred years. They are interested in the mediums through which British people have engaged with the story, from art and literature to music and film, and how the tale of religious freedom has impacted on the narratives and politics of what it means to be English or British.

Combining extensive original academic research with clearly focused public engagement work, the project will draw together a rich story in the British past and present to enhance both academic and non-academic understandings of historical culture. Find out more here.

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