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Towers of Light

Towers of Light is a new project produced by Audacious, led by artist Andy McKeown designed to celebrate Weston Shore and its community as part of Southampton’s Mayflower 400 programme.  It is an opportunity for the residents to create a like never before spectacular, turning the five towers into an illuminated community story for all the world to see.

“My 6.30am run along Weston Shore was brightened up by a beautiful window light art project from @Mayflower400SC. Loved it! More shared art like this please!”

“What an absolutely brilliant idea! Well done #WestonShore residents and @audaciouscic @android9 for your #TowersOfLight they look amazing!!”

The iconic towers of Southampton’s Weston Shore are brought to life as part of the City’s Mayflower 400 programme. Photograph Rachel Adams.

Residents of Southampton’s Weston Shore take a moment to enjoy Towers of Light as part of the city’s Mayflower 400 programme. Photograph Rachel Adams.

Nautical flags spell out a message from Southampton’s Weston Shore to the world as part of their Mayflower 400 Towers of Light project. Photograph Rachel Adams.

As part of Mayflower 400, Southampton City Council commissioned Audacious CIC to work with residents of Oslo, Havre, Copenhagen, Hampton and Rotterdam towers to light up the five iconic blocks on the city’s Weston Shore. Towers of Light, led by artist Andy McKeown, ran from 10 – 12 December. It asked residents what they wanted to say to the world, their messages lit up the sea-facing side of the five towers. Next year, the window banners will be recycled into kites made by local families as part of artist-led workshops.

“Brilliant! @Mayflower400SC still creating uplifting creative pieces and bringing communities together safely – this year even more important than we thought.”


Councillor Satvir Kaur, Cabinet Member for Homes, Communities and Culture said: “Culture in Southampton is for everyone, and this amazing project is a great example of culture being used to bring the community together at a time when we are feeling so far apart, it offered an imaginative way to light up what have been some very dark and challenging days for many of us. It was very exciting to see Towers of Light in action, bringing light, colour and hope, while giving an opportunity to put a spotlight on Weston’s community spirit.”

The project is funded by Arts Council England and Southampton City Council. For more information visit

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